Innovation Fund for Cybersecurity Projects

Scaling up a cybersecurity solution can be a great challenge, but also an opportunity to improve the industry in the Americas.

Opportunity to improve the industry
in the Americas

For this reason, the Organization of American States, Cisco and the Citi Foundation have created the Cybersecurity Innovation Fund to support and spread business initiatives in Latin America and the Caribbean and create the necessary workforce to fill cybersecurity related jobs in the region.

We offer

Financing up to US $ 20,000 per project delivered based on results

Access to the OAS and Cisco network for continuous training on cybersecurity issues

Who can apply?

We are looking for centers that pursue excellence and people with an entrepreneurial spirit who need support for the development of their cybersecurity projects.

All potential beneficiaries must be part and apply as:

Universities and/or Education Centers in Latin America and the Caribbean

Research institutions in Latin America and the Caribbean

Small businesses and/or entrepreneurs with innovative ideas

Technology Centers of Latin America and the Caribbean

Non-profit institutions

Government agencies

What type of projects will be accepted?

Elegibility criteria:

  1. Originality of the proposal
  2. Sustainability over time
  3. Impact on job creation and closing the cybersecurity skills gap
  4. Scalability of the proposal
  5. Diversity and professional trajectory of the project members
  6. Existence of additional co-financing of the project
  7. Existence of a project that requires US$5,000-20,000

How to apply?

Below is the required information to apply for this fund.


Additional information

Eligibility criteria

  • Be of legal age and resident in a Member State of the OAS.

  • Not belonging to an institution or department associated with the OAS.

  • Belong to one of the groups mentioned above (university and training center, research institution, technology center, or small businesses). Applications from applicants not affiliated with one of these groups will not be accepted.

How will the projects be selected?

  • The Selection Committee made up of representatives of the OAS and Cisco will make a first selection with the projects that meet the selection criteria mentioned above.

  • The pre-selected projects will move to a second evaluation phase in which more detailed documentation will be required about the projects and the person(s) or entities that will carry them out.

  • The winning proposals will be presented during the meetings of the Cybersecurity Innovation Councils.

  • There will be as many projects financed as much as the funds permit, according to the eligibility criteria discussed above.

This initiative is part of the Cybersecurity Innovation Councils, an alliance created between the Organization of American States (OAS) and Cisco to promote innovation in cybersecurity in the Americas. This innovation fund also has the support of the Citi Foundation, through the program “Creating a Professional Career in Cybersecurity”, which seeks to train young people from low-income households and promote their professional development in the area of cybersecurity

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