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Workshop on International Arbitration

Department of International Law sponsors
Workshop on International Arbitration organized by the Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Date: From 18 to 29 January, 2016.
Universidad Nacional de Colombia - Bogotá.
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International Commercial Arbitration: Award Enforcement

We invite you to consult this page on the Enforceability of International Commercial Arbitration Awards as part of the regional technical cooperation project of the OAS program funded with support from the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA):

“Commercial Arbitration, Training Judicial Officers in the Enforcement of International Awards”

Inter-American Private International Law System

In the Inter-American Private International Law System (CIDIP) of the OAS, member staes have signed two conventions on the subject:

The first, the Inter-American Convention on International Commercial Arbitration (Panama Convention), signed in Panama City on January 30, 1975.

The second, the Inter-American Convention on Extraterritorial Validity of Foreign Judgments and Arbitral Awards (Montevideo Convention), signed in the city of Montevideo on May 8, 1979. 

Information Available for review

This page includes:

  • Project background including declarations and recommendations of member countries and institutional bodies and commissions on the subject of access to justice, dispute resolution and arbitration;

  • Texts of the inter-American conventions and status of signatures and ratifications;

  • A selection of relevant sections in free trade agreements;

  • A catalog of national law and jurisprudence on the member countries on the subject;

  • Best practices;

  • Links to relevant arbitral institutions; and

  • Project-related publications.

This page will provide additional information on project activities, including seminars, workshops and publications.

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