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II Inter-American Congress on the Environmental Rule of Law

Supreme Court of Chile, Justice Courts Palace
Santiago, Chile, September 4-6, 2017


Save the date II Congreso Interamericano sobre el Estado de Derecho Ambiental

Countries and officials face new challenges relating to core aspects of natural resource governance. To respond to these challenges, the General Secretariat of the OAS (GS/OAS), UN Environment and the World Commission on Environmental Law of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (WCEL-IUCN) along with key partners are working to support Member States in developing and strengthening their enabling legal-institutional framework for sustainable development and environmental protection. At the same time, efforts are being pursued with the relevant stakeholders (including the executive, the judiciary and the legislature) to ensure that sustainable development in the region is grounded in the rule of law and in principles of international law. In this context, the Inter-American Congress on the Environmental Rule of Law was established in 2015 to be held on a periodical basis. The II Congress took place on September 4-6, 2017 with the support of the Supreme Court and other authorities of Chile as well as other key partners.


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