In 2002, the IEC instructed the Organization of American States (OAS), acting as the Executiong Agency, to submit a GEF Block B Grant proposal through the World Bank to the FMAM. In late 2002 a US$650.000 project prepration grant was awarded to IABIN. During 2003 the OAS contrated 7 subregional specialists and a regional coordinator to work closely with the biodiversity information provider and user insituttions in the Hemisphere, as well as the IABN focal points, to define the IABIN implementation.

This Project Implementation Plan outlines a US$35 million plan. IABIN is requestiong US$6 millon from the FMAM towards this plan. Agreements with the primary biodiversity informatics institutions throughout the Americas were forged based on biodiversity data sharing priorities of these institutions and mandates of hte first three IABIN Council Meetings.