Main Themes and Areas of Action

  • Water Policy: Addressing issues of water quality, water rights and concessions, drinking water and sanitation, watershed conservation, dispute resolution, water use and management, and transboundary concerns, in both coastal and freshwater systems.

  • Trade, Investment and the Environment: Addressing issues relating to environmental protection and conservation in the context of increasing trade and investment in the region, with a focus on legal frameworks for environmentally-sound technologies, industrial clean production, market-based policy instruments, information exchange and harmonization.

  • Environmental liability: Focusing on clear and fair standards of environmental liability and responsibility as a means to strengthen the effectiveness of environmental regimes.

  • Economic and regulatory instruments for environmental management: Advancing the effective and complementary use of regulatory and economic instruments within environmental legal frameworks.

  • Clean production
    Developing legal frameworks that better promote industrial clean production through environmental management standards, fiscal incentives and other administrative and economic tools.

  • Strengthening judicial institutions and jurisprudence
    Supporting modern, efficient and capable judicial institutions, and promoting the development of jurisprudence, through training and information sharing.