Executive Secretariat for Integral Development (SEDI)

Inter-American Committee on Education

Second Regular Meeting of the Inter-American Committee on Education (CIE)

The II Plenary Meeting of the Inter-American Committee on Education (OAS Headquarters, Washington , D.C. , October 18-19 th , 2004) represents an important milestone on the path to greater cooperation in education in our Hemisphere. At this meeting delegates dialogue d and t ook concrete actions toward achieving the goals set out by their Presidents and Heads of State, their Ministers of Education and their citizenry.

The objectives of this meeting  were as follows:

  1. Review the progress made since the III Ministerial Meeting and lay out the Action Plan to the IV Ministerial in Tobago .
  2. Prepare the Agenda for the IV Ministerial Meeting
  3. Follow-up on the hemispheric and Summit Projects
  4. Establish lines of action with regards to the upcoming IV Summit of the Americas

The Plenary meeting was preceded by a planning meeting of the Authorities and e/xecutive committee on Sunday the 17 th at the General secretariat building, Salon Gabriela Mistral.

Documents of the Meeting