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Virtual Meeting of Authorities of the IACML

Virtual Meeting of the Authorities of the Inter-American Conference of Ministers of Labor
Washington, D.C. – January 25, 2019

Participants: Ministries of Labor that lead the IACML (Chair: Barbados, former Chair: Mexico); Chairs and Vice-chairs of the Working Groups: Ecuador, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Canada and Costa Rica, COSATE and CEATAL.

The objective of the meeting is to monitor de development of the IACML Work Plan for 2018 - 2020, review and provide guidance to the Work Plan's upcoming activities, and to review the financial status of the Inter-American Network for Labor Administration (RIAL) and decide on the use of available resources


•  Presentation

•  Draft Agenda

•  Update of the Work Plan 2018 - 2020 of the IACML

•  Outcomes of the RIAL Workshop on Strategies to improve Compliance with Labor Legislation

•  Report on the RIAL Financial Situation

•  Proposal - RIAL Workshop on Skills for the Future

•  Guidelines - 12th Call for Proposals for RIAL Bilateral Cooperation

•  Outcomes of the Meeting