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XLIX General Assembly of the OAS

Dialogue of the Heads of Delegation, the Secretary General, the Assistant Secretary General with the Representatives of the Civil Society Workers and other Social Actors in the framework of the XLIX General Assembly of the OAS

Date: June 26th, 2019 - 9:00am to 1:00pm
Venue: Pabellon de exposiciones, Pabellon Verde, Medellin, Colombia

On June 26th, 2019, representatives from workers' and employers' organizations participated in the Dialogue of the Heads of Delegation, the Secretary General and the Assistant Secretary General with representatives of organizations of the civil society, workers and other social actors, which took place within the 49th General Assembly of the OAS.

During their intervention, the workers of the Americas, through the Trade Union Technical Advisory Council (COSATE), asked governments to promote a dynamic and non-hegemonic multilateralism, and to establish policies for the protection of trade union representatives and migrant workers.

On their part, the private sector, including the Business Technical Advisory Committee on Labor Matters (CEATAL), highlighted the need to implement policies for gender equality, promote sustainable growth with environmental protection, and facilitate youth inclusion in the world of work.

The workers were represented by Norberto Ciaravino on the segment regarding Tripartite Governance and Ligia Ines Alzate on the segment addressing representativeness and responsibility. The voice of the private sector was Maria Camila Agudelo, from the National Association of Businessmen of Colombia.