Executive Secretariat for Integral Development (SEDI)

Department of Economic and Social Development (DESD) 

CSR in Small and Medium Enterprises

Promoting CSR in SMEs in Lating America and the Caribbean

This project seeks to incorporate CSR in the business strategies of SMEs as a way to increase their competitiveness through workshops that are customized for specific sectors and individual Member States.

The objectives are:

  1. Create awareness and shared directions on CSR definitions, policies, and strategies of implementation within stakeholders across private and public spheres.
  2. Produce region and sector specific CSR training and educational materials.
  3. Measure in which state of the CSR learning curve are the SMEs.
  4. Build the capacity of businesses to implement CSR practices through providing technical training, tools, and resources.
  5. Facilitate and promote the adoption, exchange, and spread of successful CSR case studies and best practices.
  6. Involve different stakeholders through open dialogues (private and public sector, academia, civil society and NGOs) across key-cutting themes.

Development of CSR management and evaluation indicators for SMEs

In recent years there have been proposals and implementations of several tools and instruments to promote better social and environmental management in SMEs. A general characteristic of these tools is their focus towards the technical aspects of CSR. These ideal models are generally developed from large companies and multinationals in developed economies. Sometimes they are “reduced” to the particular context of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) but they do not emphasize the technical aspects of the particular business, the management capacity, or the business’ potential for change.

As a result, the objective of this project is to define the critical areas of business and design a management tool with a set of sustainable performance indicators that integrate the triple bottom line (economic-financial, environmental, and social), which would promote responsible social and environmental practices and improve competitiveness in SMEs in Latin America and the Caribbean.