Executive Secretariat for Integral Development (SEDI)

Department of Economic and Social Development (DESD) 


International migration is a significant aspect of the social, economic, political, and cultural fabric of the 21st Century. Every country is, at any given time, a country of origin, transit and destination of human mobility. The OAS, recognizing at once the vital role migration plays in the development of the citizens and societies of the Americas, as well as the challenges this phenomenon presents to its Member States, established the Migration and Development Program (MiDE) in 2008.

Main Initiatives

Information on Migration

Information on Migration   Continuous Reporting System on International Migration in the Americas (SICREMI)

   Database of Migration Legislation in the Americas (MILEX).

   Interactive Map of the Temporary Work Programs(MINPET).


Activities Oriented to Development

Activities Oriented to Development    Education of Migrant Children and Youth

   Design of a Model to Assist Migrant Women Victims of Violence in the Border Region of the United States and Mexico.

   Strengthen Institutional Capacities to Combat Trafficking in Persons.


Strengthening Institutional Capacities

Strengthening Institutional Capacities    Forums and seminars for consultation

   Workshops on diverse labor migration issues

   Workshops on consular protection available to migrants