Trends on migration law

In response to mandates 5 and 11 of OAS General Assembly Resolution AG/RES 2608 (XL-O10),

5. “To reaffirm the importance of data and systems for accurate and timely information on migration to foster strengthening of institutional capacities, cooperation activities, and the exchange of best practices among states;”

11. “To request the General Secretariat to redouble its efforts to develop a database that complements those already available on existing legal frameworks and regulations related to migration…;”

as well as AG/RES 2593 (XL-O/10), in which the Member States declare:
“ … concern about the legislation and measures adopted by some states that could restrict the human rights and fundamental freedoms of migrants; and to reaffirm that, in exercising their sovereign right to enact and enforce measures regarding migration and their border security, the states must fulfill the obligations incumbent upon them under international law, including international human rights norms, to ensure full respect for the human rights of migrants;”

the Migration and Development program (MIDE) has developed an interactive map to track and monitor the progress of legislative initiatives across the hemisphere aimed at reforming laws related to immigration. The information provided in this virtual tool is for educational and awareness purposes; it is not a reflection of the opinion of the Organization of American States.

To use this map, simply click on the country of interest to access current legislative projects and their status.

This electronic tool forms part of the promotional and educational activities to raise awareness of the human and labour rights of migrants, a project funded by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA).

For more information, or to report inaccuracies, please e-mail the Migration and Development Program at