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June 5, 2005 - Fort Lauderdale, FL

Mr. Chairman,
Heads of Delegations,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

May I begin by thanking the organizers of this Dialogue for providing the delegations of OAS members and Permanent Observers with this opportunity to gather together to exchange views and renew friendship.

At present, peace and development of the world are faced with historic opportunities, as well as various challenges. Endeavoring to build a harmonious society of peace, stability, development and prosperity is a common historic responsibility that all countries in the world should shoulder together. To this end, it is imperative that nations on different continents join hands together to bring about a multi-tiered, all-round cooperation framework by enhancing consultation and multilateral cooperation, promote integration of different civilizations by strengthening personnel and cultural exchanges, and pushing forward mutual benefit and common development by deepening economic and trade cooperation.

In recent years, countries in Asia and the Americas have made useful attempts at developing inter-regional cooperation. The establishment of the East Asia-Latin America Forum (EALAF) is just one example. China hopes to become a bridge for the Americas and Asia in their efforts to further expand cooperation, and play a vigorous role in the common development of the two continents.

The Chinese Government attaches high importance to the OAS, the most important international organization in the Americas. Since China became its Permanent Observer about a year ago, we have made unremitting efforts together with OAS members and the Secretariat to promote cooperation and relations between the two sides. We signed the Agreement of China-OAS Cooperation Fund with the OAS, launched a series of cooperation projects such as the Lecture Series of the Americas, the CIFTA Conference on Illegal Manufacturing and Trafficking in Firearms, Ammunition, Explosives and Other Related Materials, the audio-visual products of the Inter-American Children’s Institute, the Americas magazine, the training course of the Inter-American Women’s Commission, and the Art Museum of the Americas. China also provides four scholarships a year to OAS members through the Organization. This year, China will contribute another US$ 60,000 to the information seminar held by the OAS in preparation for the Americas summit.

We wish to take this opportunity to express our thanks to the OAS and its members for adhering to the one China policy. It is universally recognized by the international community that there is only one China in the world, and that Taiwan is part of China. Reunification of the mainland and Taiwan is the common aspiration of all the Chinese people. It is an irresistible trend that accords with our times.

As a big developing country, China is ready to develop a relationship featuring mutual benefit, friendship and cooperation with all countries in this region regardless whether they have diplomatic ties with us or not. Such a relationship will be a blessing to all sides. China stands ready to continue its exchanges and dialogue at all levels with OAS members and the Secretariat in political, economic, cultural and other fields, share development experience, and stand up together to meet the challenges. We believe that our cooperation will have broad prospects, and that our friendship will be more and more fruitful.

Thank you.