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Statement of the OAS Secretary General on the Situation in Nicaragua

  May 31, 2018

Yesterday, Nicaragua experienced another tragic day, of repression, violence and death. We condemn the killings carried out by the repressive forces and the armed forces and we express our solidarity with the families of the victims. We call on the State to stop the violence by these repressive factors.

Only truth, justice and non-repetition can restore Nicaragua. Only justice, through the identification of the most senior people responsible for these events will stop the violence.

That is why we are carrying out the negotiations to create an Independent Experts Group to investigate these cases. That task must begin as soon as possible.

The pain we feel with each killing has redoubled our efforts to achieve justice.

This has been our commitment since the first victims that were killed in demonstrations in Nicaragua.

We will never have double standards nor anything to hide. We know, on the other hand, that the campaign of lies about our positions will continue.

It is obvious that those who lie, do so because their truth is worth even less than their lies. We know that we have often been alone on this path.

The only political path forward for Nicaragua is democratic, through free, transparent, fair elections that represent the will of the people. That is the only solution for the people of Nicaragua.

We are working on precisely that, the implementation of the recommendations of the last Electoral Accompaniment Mission, whose conclusions to clean up the Nicaraguan electoral system were clear. We have also been alone in this effort, trusting in our political and technical capacities.

The OAS has been, and remains, very active in Nicaragua:

First: the OAS sent the Mission that observed the municipal elections of 2017, and put into practice a process of implementation of the recommendations to clean up the electoral process.

Second: the OAS negotiated the visit of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights to observe the critical situation of human rights in the country.

Third: the OAS negotiated the agreement to implement an independent group of experts to bring justice to the killings of protestors.

Fourth: The OAS urgent work underway in the country in favor of democratic institutions.

All of this work will continue, based on the same objectives and the principles of democracy and human rights.

Reference: S-025/18