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Solidarity with the Peoples and Governments of the Hemisphere that Have Been Struck by Natural Disasters

  November 18, 2020

(Adopted by the Permanent Council at its virtual regular meeting held on November 18, 2020)



DISTRESSED by disastrous conditions caused by Eta and Iota, both as hurricanes and tropical storms, including flooding and heavy rains, that have resulted in declarations of states of disaster and/or emergency by the countries of Central and North America and Caribbean Countries;

DEEPLY CONCERNED at the loss of human lives and livelihoods and about persons who suffered injuries or are missing, and also anxious at the severe material and infrastructural damage inflicted, particularly by Eta and Iota; 

FURTHER DISTRESSED by the considerable infrastructural and property damage that has been wreaked in some Caribbean countries by intense tropical storms;

TROUBLED that these calamitous conditions worsen the already demanding and difficult public health and economic situation, stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic;

 KNOWING that solidarity and brotherhood are essential to the peaceful development and wellbeing of the neighbouring peoples of the Americas;

RECOGNIZING the importance of the OAS in the convening of responses by international and regional organizations, financial and development institutions to provide speedy assistance to affected countries; and

CONSIDERING the importance of an inter-American approach to prevention, mitigation, and response through tools, entities, instruments, and resources to support effective and efficient disaster management and recovery in the Americas,



1.         Its solidarity and support with the peoples and Governments of Central and North America that have been struck by the disasters brought about by Eta and Iota,  both as hurricanes and  tropical storms, and  for the countries of the Caribbean that have suffered damage by other intense tropical storms;.
2.         Its condolences, especially to the families affected by the unfortunate loss of human     lives and livelihoods, resulting from the severe natural disasters.

3.         Its commitment to supporting urgently the affected countries, through hemispheric and global cooperation to address the most pressing needs for recovery and reconstruction.

4.         Its appeal to international and regional financial and development institutions to provide the affected states with swift access to financing to support, urgently, vital humanitarian responses and economic and social reconstruction.

5.         Its request to the General Secretariat to transmit the appeal contained in this declaration to the international and regional financial and development institutions and organizations, and to advocate for all further necessary steps to be taken to mobilize their urgent response.

Reference: S-021/20