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Preliminary Report of the Electoral Experts Mission of the OAS in Grenada

  March 14, 2018

The full Preliminary Report is available here.

The Electoral Experts Mission of the Organization of American States in Grenada, led by the OAS Assistant Secretary General, Ambassador Nestor Mendez, congratulates the people of Grenada on the democratic commitment demonstrated in their peaceful and enthusiastic participation in the General Elections of Tuesday, March 13.

The Mission also takes the opportunity to congratulate the Government on its new term in office. This is the second consecutive election, and the third overall, that the opposition has not won a seat in the House. The Mission notes that the November 2016 Referendum on Constitutional Reform included a proposal intended to address precisely these circumstances, by guaranteeing the appointment of a Leader of the Opposition. This proposal was supported by only 29% of the persons who participated in the Referendum.

The Mission comprised 6 international observers from five OAS member states and included specialists in electoral registries, electoral organization, electoral technology and campaign finance.

To ensure a substantive analysis of these specific issues and the overall electoral process, the Mission engaged with electoral and government authorities, political parties and candidates, civil society actors and members of the international community. The Mission’s experts also scrutinized available legislation, regulations, processes and procedures in these areas, to ensure a full understanding of the current context.

The full Preliminary Report is available here.

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Reference: S-009/18