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  July 23, 2014

(Presented by the Permanent Missions of Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras)


TAKING IN TO ACCOUNT that the migration of children and adolescents not accompanied by their parents constitutes one of the most glaring manifestations of social exclusion and the lack of protection of their human rights,


That there is deep concern about the growing number of unaccompanied children and adolescent migrants, mainly from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras, who are in transit or currently in shelters under the care of migration authorities along the southern border of the United States of America;

That the phenomenon of child migration should be approached from a comprehensive perspective that considers and includes migration measures as well as economic and social policies in all the countries involved; and

That the protection of the lives, the respect for human rights, and the well being of migrant children must be guaranteed at all times as cornerstones of migration policies, legislation, and procedures implemented in all countries, bearing in mind the family reunification,


1. Solidarity with the governments of the region, so that the problem of unaccompanied migration of children is addressed from a humanitarian perspective that ensures the wellbeing and respectful treatment of the children and that allows for family reunification where appropriate.

2. The importance of urging countries of origin to make genuine efforts to guarantee essential security conditions for their citizens, in particular children and adolescents, and respect their human rights, so they can develop and flourish in their own local communities within their countries of origin.

3. That the international community and countries of origin be urged to jointly allocate resources to foster economic development, social inclusion, employment opportunities, and citizen security in order to reduce the impetus for migration to other countries in search of opportunities not found in the countries of origin.

4. Its request that receiving countries, including countries of transit, consider the wellbeing and full respect of the human rights of children and adolescent migrants as a central humanitarian principle in their migration policies to address this issue.

Its support of countries of origin, transit and destination in their efforts to combat organized transnational crime, human smuggling.

Reference: S-008/14