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  January 14, 2016

The Mission to Support the Fight against Corruption and Impunity in Honduras (MACCIH) aims at improving the quality of services delivered by the justice system of Honduras in the prevention and fight against corruption and impunity in the country, through active cooperation, technical advice, supervision and oversight of the State institutions responsible for preventing, investigating, and punishing acts of corruption.

Independence, autonomy, professionalism, neutrality, and transparence.

Lines of Action:

  1. MACCIH will select, advise, assess, and certify a group of Honduran prosecutors and judges who will be conducting investigations and prosecuting cases involving corruption networks.
  2. MACCIH will establish a group made up of judges, prosecutors and well-regarded international experts of high international standing, who will provide support, technical advice, oversight and/or assessment to entities of the Honduran justice system.
  3. MACCIH will select and determine the corruption cases in which it will actively cooperate, and will notify the competent authorities.
  4. MACCIH will work jointly with civil society to build an observatory to monitor and assess progress of the Honduran judicial system.
  5. MACCIH will actively engage with the Honduran State to facilitate compliance with the Inter-American Convention against Corruption and the Follow-Up Mechanism for its Implementation (MESICIC).
  6. MACCIH, through the JSCA, will propose recommendations on strengthening the quality, effectiveness, and legitimacy of the Honduran criminal justice system.
  7. MACCIH will outline and implement a new normative framework on political/electoral financing.
  8. MACCIH will promote the implementation of the recommendations identified in the GS/OAS Evaluation Report of the National Public Security System (SNSC, by its Spanish acronym.)
  9. MACCIH will provide institutional support and capacity building for the implementation of the recently adopted Law on the Protection of Human Rights Defenders, Journalists, Social Communicators, and Justice Operators.
  10. MACCIH will facilitate the creation of a regulatory framework to fight corruption in the private sector.

Relevant Factors:

  1. MACCIH will have full access to information, official documents, databases, public records and archives in order to actively engage in the investigation and prosecution of cases involving corruption networks.
  2. MACCIH will closely follow new corruption complaints and those related to cases already under investigation in cooperation with relevant national authorities.
  3. MACCIH reserves the right to withdraw if commitments made by the national authorities are not fully met.
  4. To carry out its operations, MACCIH will be funded by international donors in order to guarantee its independence and autonomy.

Reference: S-001/16