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  November 30, 2003

Port-au-Prince-The Special Mission took note of the departure, on November 29, 2003, of the nine-member delegation of the Group of 184 from the OAS Office in Musseau, Port-au-Prince, and welcomes that decision, taken at such a sensitive moment for the process currently under way. Following this departure, the Mission may once again consider the letter dated November 24 from the G184 to the Head of the Mission.

The Special Mission takes this opportunity to make necessary clarifications concerning its mandate. The Mission was entrusted with providing assistance, inter alia, for the professionalization of the Haitian National Police and the judicial system. Under Permanent Council resolutions 806 (1303/02) and 822 (1331/02), the 24 technical advisers in the area of security and three technical advisers in the area of justice are responsible for helping and advising Haitian authorities in these two fields and not replacing them. The technical advisers do not take the decisions incumbent on the Haitians themselves.

The difference is fundamental: the Mission’s mandate respects the country’s institutional framework and the responsibilities within the purview of the Haitian actors. The power to accept or reject and to act on the advice offered and the recommendations made by the Mission and its technical advisers that are consistent with OAS and UN conventions and treaties always lies with the Haitians, whether they are part of the government or representatives of nongovernmental sectors—as for any other area of international technical assistance.

This being said, the actions of the Group of 184 will number among the matters taken into account during consideration this week in Washington by the member states and permanent observers of the OAS Permanent Council of the Fifth Report of the Secretary General on the Situation in Haiti. This examination, in which the Head of the Special Mission will participate, will, among other things, allow for a process of reflection on the future of the Special Mission for Strengthening Democracy in Haiti.

Reference: HA-11-30I