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  June 9, 2003

Peru’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Allan Wagner, today deposited the instruments whereby his government ratified the Inter-American Convention against Terrorism. He said the ratification “reaffirms President Alejandro Toledo’s determination to fight terrorism, whatever its cause.”

The Foreign Minister presented the ratification documents to Organization of American States (OAS) Assistant Secretary General Luigi Einaudi, during the thirty third regular session of the OAS General Assembly, in the Chilean capital. Wagner argued that “terrorism threatens not only international peace and security but also human rights and the democratic foundation of contemporary society.”

For his part, the OAS Assistant Secretary General described the Convention as an important international treaty “because it involves harmonizing professional cooperation against terrorism while ensuring full respect for human rights.”

“Peru has played a lead role in raising awareness among the peoples of the Americas concerning the threat from terrorism through real experiences and also in bringing our community together as a matter of urgency in the aftermath of September 11,” Ambassador Einaudi stated.

The aim of the Inter-American Convention against Terrorism is to prevent, punish and eliminate terrorism, with the states parties undertaking to adopt the necessary measures to bolster cooperation among themselves.

Thirty-three OAS member countries have signed this treaty, with Peru now joining Antigua and Barbuda, Canada, El Salvador and Mexico as states that have ratified. The treaty will enter into force when one additional member state ratifies.

Reference: GA-08-03