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  June 7, 2004

QUITO, Ecuador —Haiti is the latest member of the Organization of American States (OAS) to ratify the Inter-American Convention against Corruption, having become the 33rd member state to deposit instruments of ratification of this OAS treaty.

Foreign Affairs Minister Yvon Siméon today presented the instruments of ratification to Assistant Secretary General Luigi Einaudi, in a brief ceremony during the 34th regular session of the OAS General Assembly, now underway in Quito. “Depositing this instrument of ratification is a first step that gives concrete expression to our determination to combat corruption in Haiti,” he declared, stressing combating corruption as a top priority.

He also detailed a number of measures being implemented in Haiti to fight the scourge, and to enlist public and private institutions. He said institutions must be strengthened to function as effectively as possible. “We cannot fight corruption if democracy is not established, because democracy is the foundation of any effort against corruption.”

For his part, the Assistant Secretary General hailed Haiti’s initiative in ratifying the anti-corruption treaty and depositing the ratification instruments, noting how the Convention has ushered in an important era of mutual assistance obligations for member states to cooperate in tackling a grave problem that transcends national borders and remains a threat to all.

The Inter-American Convention against Corruption was adopted in Caracas, Venezuela, in March 1996 and entered into force a year later.

Reference: GA-010-04