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  December 2, 2006

Electoral Observation Mission – 2006 Presidential Elections – Venezuela

Just hours before Venezuelans head to the polls in that country’s presidential elections, the Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), José Miguel Insulza, calls on everyone involved in the political process to respect the rules in place for this electoral event.

Insulza also trusts that the elections will take place in a calm and peaceful atmosphere; that they will put behind differences, however profound; and that they will continue toward strengthening the country’s institutions, thus reflecting the civic spirit that motivates the average Venezuelan citizen, who wants to live in peace.

The Secretary General also calls on all those who will handle the information that will emerge throughout the day tomorrow—including the media and partisan organizations—to respect the prevailing standards requiring them to refrain from releasing informal results that could lead to errors or provoke undesired reactions.

Several days ago, as the OAS fully established its Electoral Observation Mission in Venezuela, the Secretary General indicated that the two essential aspects of the process are the guarantees that all citizens will be able to vote without pressures or preconditions of any type and that the vote count will be transparent and open to full verification by candidates and observers. The OAS Mission has been working toward that end in recent days and has been in contact with the National Electoral Council, the candidates and the authorities. The Secretary General expresses his appreciation for the positive reaction his comments have generated.

Insulza believes that the fulfillment of these two aspects will allow Venezuelan democracy to emerge strengthened from this new challenge and will open the door for a process of greater unity and political dialogue that will benefit the development of this beloved sister nation.

Caracas, December 2, 2006

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