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Organization of American States Electoral Observer Mission in Guyana summarises its work thus far

  November 26, 2011

(Georgetown, Guyana - November 26, 2011) Professor Gordon Shirley, Chief of Mission for the OAS\EOM Guyana reports that he and members the OAS/EOM team have conducted a large number of meetings and interviews over the past week in view of assessing the political and social context in these days leading up to the Monday November 28, 2011 general and regional elections.

"I have personally met with representatives of political parties, the electoral authorities, civil society, and the media to assess the environment in the period leading up to election day," said Professor Shirley. "Following these meetings, I am encouraged that all interveners in the electoral process have confidence in the general and regional elections of Monday November 28, 2011, that preparations for the vote are well in hand and that there are no significant impediments to delivering a smooth and inclusive general and regional election", he added.

In the past few days the Chief of Mission and his team have met or will be meeting with:

- Senior Governmental officials
- All parties fielding Presidential candidates
- Amerindian groups
- Civil society organisations
- Various levels at GECOM
- Security forces
- Diplomatic and international community
- Print and broadcast media representatives
- Private Sector representatives, and,
- Local observation organizations

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Reference: E-977/11