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Press Release by the MEA/OAS in Nicaragua

  November 7, 2011

The Mission of the Organization of American States (OAS), at the end of Election Day in Nicaragua, wishes to communicate the following:

1.-After the difficulties noted by the Chief of Mission at a press conference held at 2 p.m. involving limitations to ten of its members at polling committees or “Juntas Receptoras de Votos” (JRVs) during the time of opening, and having expressed concern to the electoral authorities, the presence of the Mission members was normalized throughout the day.

2.-Based on the information shared by all Mission members, it is possible to state that at the JRVs in which OAS accompaniment agents were present the tables closed on schedule and the vote tallying began.

3.-During the time when the Mission was present at the JRVs there were no relevant anomalies observed, according to the latest information.

4.-The leadership of the Mission regrets the different acts of violence perpetrated throughout the day, and especially the events in the department of Matagalpa. On this particular issue, we request the police and electoral authorities to investigate and clarify the events, establishing the identity of perpetrators.

5.-The OAS Mission has received complaints from different political organizations on irregularities in the electoral process, which because they involve events not directly observed by the Mission will be processed in accordance with the norms established by the Organization, as is common practice.

6.-Based on what was observed about the development of this electoral process, the Mission will communicate tomorrow its first conclusions and recommendations on what it considers necessary to preview.

The Mission of the Organization of American States makes a call for peace and responsibility by the citizenry and all parties or alliances that have participated in this electoral process.

Finally, the Mission wishes to indicate that it will in the next few days update the information available as the members of the Mission return to headquarters.

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Reference: E-942/11