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OAS Mission Begins Its Activities in Guatemala

  August 30, 2011

The Electoral Observation Mission (EOM) of the Organization of American States (OAS0 began its process of formal installation in Guatemala, with the purpose of observing the general elections of September 11.

The presence of the EOM/OAS responds to an invitation from the government of Guatemala based on which the OAS Secretary General, José Miguel Insulza, appointed José Octavio Bordón as Chief of Mission. The Special Advisor to the Secretary General has been in Guatemala since August 29 leading the observation activities.

On this occasion, the Chief of the EOM/OAS has conducted three preliminary visits to Guatemala to assess the pre-electoral environment. During the course of this week, Bordón will hold interviews and meetings with various electoral, political and government authorities as well as with representatives from the international community.

For the general elections, the Mission expects to deploy 86 observers throughout the Guatemalan territory beginning next week, with the purpose of following the development of the administration and organization of the elections as well as of the political campaign. Furthermore, during the EOM/OAS two pilot methodologies will be put into practice: one of gender and the other of electoral financing, to analyze the interaction of these two issues during the elections.

José Octavio Bordón has an extensive political career; he is the former ambassador of Argentina to the White House, former senator and congressman from the Province of Mendoza, and former presidential candidate in 1995. Bordón has headed other OAS observation missions, including those for the presidential elections in the Dominican Republic in 2008 and in Panamá in 2009.

The EOM/OAS hopes the electoral process of September 11 will be conducted in a normal and peaceful environment.

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Reference: E-807/11