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OAS Launches Courses on Trade and the Environment

  June 22, 2011

The Organization of American States (OAS) has launched two intensive educational courses on trade, the environment and related topics in partnership with the Washington College of Law of American University, George Washington University, and the World Trade Organization (WTO).

The two courses are titled, “Trade and Environment,” and “OAS-WTO Course on Multilateral and Regional Trade for the Americas.” These initiatives, by the OAS Department of Sustainable Development and the OAS Department of Economic Development, Trade and Tourism, have brought together students and renowned experts from the Western Hemisphere with the objective of providing practical tools and know-how to the participants on the critical issues of trade, the environment and related topics.

During a reception this week to inaugurate the undertaking, OAS Assistant Secretary General Albert R. Ramdin highlighted the importance of collaboration in proceeding towards the solution to the challenges that face the countries of the hemisphere today, and reiterated the Hemispheric Organization’s commitment to provide the leaders of the future with the tools they need to make a difference.

“Over the past decades we have gone through many challenges in the Hemisphere,” asserted Ambassador Ramdin. “These seminars are very important and we hope they will benefit you as well as the communities where you come from. Though we have made much progress, we should not be complacent but rather strive to improve economic and environmental conditions for all of our peoples.”

Finally, he recalled that “the OAS is committed to working with our partners in these areas.”

A gallery of photos of the event is available here.

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Reference: E-734/11