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OAS Welcomes the Peaceful and Transparent Electoral Process in Peru

  June 6, 2011

The Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), José Miguel Insulza, sent his warm regards to the Peruvian people following the Second Round of Presidential and Vice Presidential Elections held Sunday, June 5, 2011.

“My greetings to the Peruvian people, principal actor in a transparent and peaceful electoral process despite the big debate that preceded it. The trends already indicate who will become the country's new leader. The OAS reiterates its permanent willingness to cooperate with Peru. We wish all Peruvian people the greatest success in this stage of democracy building," the Secreary General remarked.

The Electoral Observation Mission (EOM) of the OAS notes that, in general, the electoral process went underway in a peaceful way. Peruvian citizens went to the polls to elect their highest authorities in an environment of calm, despite the prior electoral climate characterized by a growing media campaign of fear that was ultimately rejected by popular will in an exemplary democratic process. Indeed, the EOM/OAS did not receive reports of violence or electoral proselytism.

The Mission thanks the contributions of its special guests, former President of El Salvador Elías Antonio Saca and former governor of New Mexico Bill Richardson, as well as of the United States, Canada and Spain, donor countries.

The EOM/OAS, headed by former Argentine Minister of Foreign Affairs Dante Caputo wishes to highlight the high voter turnout in the elections, 84% of registered voters, according to our information, which ratifies the commitment of Peruvian people with democracy.

The legitimacy of origin of the new Peruvian government has been attained. Now comes the laborious process of achieving legitimacy in the exercise of democracy, that is, putting into practice the great challenge of making lasting progress on social inclusion, which at the same time requires a solution to the other challenge of ensuring economic sustainability.

Though we cannot step ahead of the announcement by the electoral bodies and the candidates, everything seems to indicate a clear tendency in the electoral results.

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Reference: E-714/11