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OAS Secretary General Expresses Satisfaction with Invalidation of Trial against former President Manuel Zelaya

  May 2, 2011

The Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), José Miguel Insulza, expressed satisfaction with the decision by the Appellate Court of the Supreme Court of Justice of Honduras to invalidate the two trials against the country’s former President, Manuel Zelaya. He said this puts an end to the situation of uncertainty regarding the legal situation of the former leader that began after the coup d’état of June 28, 2009.

In view of the recommendations contained in the report by the High-Level OAS Commission, created in June 2010 by the Foreign Ministers of the Hemisphere to evaluate the evolution of the political situation in Honduras since the coup d’état, the Secretary General added that the principal condition for the return of Honduras to the Organization has been met.

He also said he will immediately begin consultations with the Member States to examine their willingness to convene a General Assembly to address this issue.

Reference: E-647/11