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OAS Launches Online Database of Legal Information on Migration in the Americas

  February 16, 2011

The Executive Secretariat for Integral Development of the Organization of American States (OAS) today officially launched the Database of Migration Legislation in the Americas (MILEX), as part of an effort to promote a better understanding of migration phenomena with a comprehensive, objective, and long-term approach to the origins, manifestations, and effects of migration in the region.

MILEX, part of the Inter-American Migration Information System, seeks to aid the work of the various governmental and civil society actors involved in the process of reviewing, updating, and developing public policies and legislation on migration. The presentation of the database was conducted in the framework of a meeting of the OAS Special Committee on Migration Issues in Washington, DC.

OAS Secretary General Jose Miguel Insulza expressed support for the initiative with the message that "migration is an inescapable legal and political issue on the agenda of every state government." He added that "as such, the OAS is committed to continue working towards building a space for exchanging experiences on the management of information on migration, for the countries of the Americas to have the tools needed to foster processes of human and economic development in the societies of origin and destination."

The database provides immediate and updated access to official documents, including international laws, codes, specific human rights legislation, asylum and refugee legislation, entry processes, permanent and semi-permanent residency, and the regulation of communities abroad.

The OAS Special Committee on Migration Issues, currently chaired by Paraguay, was briefed about the content and operation of the database, which currently contains information from 16 countries of the region. During the session, the Alternate Representative of Costa Rica, country that act as Vice Chair, Danilo González,recognized the work of the OAS General Secretariat in implementing this initiative, and said that he hoped MILEX would “become a unique and useful tool for lawyers, jurists, activists and researchers who formulate laws and policies at the national and international level.”

The virtual platform that allows access to the migration legislation database is available here:

For more information, please visit the OAS Website at

Reference: E-536/11