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Secretary General Insulza Highlights Values and Objectives of the Socialist International at Opening of Meeting at OAS Headquarters

  December 1, 2014

The Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), José Miguel Insulza, today highlighted the continued validity of the principles of the Socialist International (SI) that promote the creation of a society with greater social inclusion, and the defense of democracy and human rights, upon opening a meeting of the SI Regional Committee for Latin America and the Caribbean at the headquarters of the multilateral Organization in Washington, DC.

Secretary General Insulza said that the issues that currently concern the OAS and the SI "are not different," and as an example he noted that both organizations seek to achieve more egalitarian societies. "Just like the International, the OAS endorses the goal of a society with greater solidarity and inclusion and promotes policies for growth in employment and greater equality. The OAS also seeks to strengthen and deepen democracy and promotes the existence of open, transparent and governments accessible to their citizens," he said.

The OAS Secretary General recalled that recently, the OAS Special General Assembly on the Strategic Vision, confirmed that issues of concern to the Organization are organized around the pillars of Human Rights, Democracy, Integral Development and Multidimensional Security, adding that these issues are also high on the SI agenda.

The SI -continued the OAS leader- supports cross-border cooperation, an area in which the OAS is a leader. "We are an organization that seeks multilateralism with opportunities and progress for all, based on shared values and principles," he added.

At another point in his speech, Secretary General Insulza recalled that he has supported the cause of socialism since his youth and reaffirmed the continued validity of this school of thought in the context of current challenges. "I have supported this cause due to principles that have not lost their validity and to fight against injustices that still torment us," he said. "The planet we inhabit remains unequal and unfair. Exploitation, hunger and poverty, privileges, segregation and inequalities, far from diminishing, have diversified and expanded," he added.

Upon analyzing the situation in the region, the leader of the OAS said that while Latin America and the Caribbean have progressed in recent years and have experienced economic growth that has reduced poverty, "we must recognize that these achievements have not had the effect of making our societies more equal." He added that "poverty and inequality are even more unacceptable in a hemisphere that is not poor, but it is deeply unfair."

The Secretary General of the SI, the Chilean Luis Ayala, highlighted the role of multilateral organizations such as the OAS and the SI in the world that emerged after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, especially in their commitment to democracy. In the case of the OAS, Ayala praised the role of Secretary General Insulza, who he said "has given strength and courage" to the presence of the body in the hemisphere during his administration.

Secretary General Ayala recalled the key role played by the Social Democrats in the transition from dictatorship to democracy in Latin America during the 80s, noting that at present the agenda of the SI, based on support for democracy and policies regarding freedom and social inclusion, is expanding to other continents, especially to countries like India, "the largest democracy in the world."

The Dominican leader Miguel Vargas, Vice President of the SI and President of the Regional Committee for Latin America and the Caribbean, said that during the meeting issues related to social inclusion and equality will be analyzed. "The challenge is how to better grow in the processes of economic development in the region," he said.

Vice President Vargas added that another issue to be discussed at the regional meeting of the SI is the strengthening of democracy in Latin America and "the necessary public participation in the development of democracy" through transparent processes laid out in the Constitution.

Before the opening of the regional meeting of the SI, Secretary General Insulza held a private meeting with Secretary General Ayala; and with SI Vice Presidents Vargas; Beatriz Paredes, from Mexico; and Victor Benoit, from Haiti.

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Reference: E-520/14