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OAS to Elect the Next Secretary General on March 18, 2015

  November 19, 2014

The member states of the Organization of American States (OAS) will elect its next Secretary General on March 18, 2015, as determined today by the Permanent Council in a special meeting at the headquarters of the hemispheric institution in Washington, DC.

The election will take place at a Special General Assembly, which will be formally convened shortly. The current Secretary General, José Miguel Insulza, who took office in May 2005, ends his term officially on 25 May 2015. According to the OAS Charter, the Secretary General “shall be elected by the General Assembly for a five-year term and may not be reelected more than once.”

The Permanent Council also determined that a month before the Assembly, on February 18, the candidates for Secretary General will convene to present their ideas to the Permanent Representatives.

During the meeting, the delegations of Venezuela, Guatemala, Dominica, Mexico, Costa Rica, Chile, Trinidad and Tobago and El Salvador took the floor.

The full video of the event is available here.

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Reference: E-505/14