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Statement of the OAS Secretary General on the Presidential and Legislative Elections in Haiti

  November 29, 2010

The Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), José Miguel Insulza, said, regarding the presidential and legislative elections in Haiti that took place Sunday, that “the OAS notes the efforts of the Haitian authorities, supported by various members of the international community, in holding presidential and legislative elections on November 28, 2010." Secretary General Insulza added that “these efforts are more remarkable if we consider that the elections took place under difficult conditions that further hindered the process in a country with significant weaknesses, and one that recently suffered a devastating earthquake and a similarly painful epidemic.”

The head of the hemispheric Organization recalled that “the OAS joined forces with the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) in mounting a long-term electoral observation mission, and this joint electoral observation mission (JEOM), led by CARICOM’s Assistant Secretary General for Foreign and Community Relations, Ambassador Colin Granderson, has been in Haiti since August 2010 and has been able to observe several facets/phases of that country’s electoral process, leading up to Sunday’s vote."

In this context, the OAS Secretary General backed the validation of the elections expressed by the OAS - CARICOM EOM and called “for peace and calm during the coming days and beyond," and said, “I have taken careful note of the initial report that noted difficulties and challenges on election day and I look forward to receiving the full report by the Chief of the JEOM, to be presented to the Permanent Council."

The JEOM will continue to monitor the remaining phases of the electoral process.

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Reference: E-462/10