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OAS Assistant Secretary General Calls for Peaceful and Orderly Conduct of Elections in Haiti

  November 27, 2010

The Assistant Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), has issued a call to all political candidates in Haiti to facilitate a peaceful democratic process, as over four (4) million Haitians head to the polls.

The OAS official held meetings over the last 24 hours with a number of stakeholders including heads of international delegations, diplomatic missions, the Prime Minister of Haiti, and the private sector. Following the series of meetings, the high ranking OAS official issued a call to all political candidates, to "contribute to an environment of peace and calm, free of intimidation on the day of elections and in the ensuing period."

According to Assistant Secretary General Ramdin, the elections are of critical importance to Haiti's future and should be supported by all sides: "Political leaders need to contribute directly to a peaceful environment on election day, to faciltate a process which is taking place under very challenging circumstances. We also believe that the responsibility or the obligation of the political leaders continues after the election day, during the period where ballots are counted, the preliminary results are given, and even through the objection period, to ensure that the electoral process is given a fair chance."

The OAS official says the Organization is counting on the support of all political leaders to allow the electoral process to be completed in accordance with established timelines and electoral law. "Violence and instability of any kind, is not the solution to Haiti's problems. Haiti needs unity and political stability to move ahead," said Ramdin.

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Reference: E-460/10