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OAS Permanent Council Approves Resolution on Costa Rica-Nicaragua Situation

  November 13, 2010

The Permanent Council of the Organization of American States (OAS) today approved with 22 votes in favor, two votes against and three abstentions a resolution on the situation between Costa Rica and Nicaragua regarding the border area of the San Juan River.

The resolution, presented by the Chair of the Permanent Council and Permanent Representative of El Salvador to the OAS, Joaquín Maza, “welcomes and endorses the recommendations by the Secretary General,” José Miguel Insulza, presented to the Council during its meeting on November 9.

Furthermore, it invites the parties to “initiate simultaneously and without delay the processes” contained in the recommendations, and asks the Secretary General to “continue exercising his good offices to facilitate the dialogue between the parties and to keep the Permanent Council informed in this regard.”

The recommendations of the Secretary General refer to four points:

- To hold the Eight Meeting of the Binational Commission in order to address as a matter of urgency aspects of the bilateral agenda as soon as possible and no later than the date originally agreed, with the assistance of the OAS.

- To immedately resume the talks on aspects concerning the demarcation of the boundary line done to date, in accordance with the treaties and decisions in force.

- In order to create a favorable climate for dialogue between the two nations, to avoid the presence of military or security forces in the area, where their existence might rouse tension.

- To instruct the appropriate authorities to review and strengthen cooperation mechanisms between the two nations in order to prevent, control, and confront drug trafficking, organized crime, and arms trafficking in the border area.

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Reference: E-434/10