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  November 11, 2008

Secretary General José Miguel Insulza has said the Organization of American States (OAS) is very concerned at the difficulties unfolding in Nicaragua as votes are being counted following last Sunday’s municipal elections across the country.

The OAS did not observe these latest Nicaraguan elections, but when it monitored the 2006 elections that brought President Daniel Ortega to power it was the hemispheric organization’s longest electoral observation mission, for which more than 200 OAS monitors were deployed over eleven months.

Secretary General Insulza stressed that “one of the advantages of electoral observation missions is that they help dispel any doubts whenever election results are close, as occurred in Nicaragua in the 2006 elections.”

The OAS chief noted that the Organization has closely followed the recount process, which is still underway. Insulza remarked that since the organization had not been invited to observe any of the latest elections in that country, it is not in a position to comment on them.

Insulza also called on all parties involved to “engage in dialogue in the quest to overcome the current problems,” arguing that any breakdown in the situation would be a backward step for the democratic process. He stressed the need for “the principles enshrined in the Inter-American Democratic Charter to serve as a guide to efforts to find a solution to this serious controversy.”

Reference: E-434/08