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The OAS/CARICOM Joint Election Observation Mission in Haiti Calls on Political Actors to Conduct Campaigning in Atmosphere of Tolerance and Friendliness

  November 11, 2010

The OAS/CARICOM Joint Election Observation Mission (JEOM) in Haiti continues to monitor the second phase of the election campaign that began October 15 through its fifty-seven observers deployed in the eleven electoral departments.

The JEOM is concerned by the incidents of election-related violence that have taken place over the past few weeks. It calls on the candidates to carry out their campaigning in a calm atmosphere and to display tolerance, friendliness and mutual respect.

The Mission reminds the political parties and the candidates that in accordance with Article 115.1 of the Electoral Law, they must inform the Haitian National Police two days in advance of any public gathering in order to avoid any untoward situations. In this way they will contribute to the maintenance of a security environment that enables campaigning during this pre-electoral period.

The JEOM reiterates its concern with regard to the use of state resources during the election campaign. The Mission renews its appeal to the political parties to adhere to the provisions aimed at guaranteeing the fairness of the election race. The state authorities must take a firm position against those who infringe these provisions and ensure that agents of the state are not involved in activities related to campaigning as underlined in Article 121 of the Electoral Law.

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Reference: E-430/10