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The Joint Electoral Mission OAS/CARICOM observes the beginning of
the electoral campaign

  October 12, 2010

The Joint Electoral Observation Mission of the Organization of American States (OAS) and the Carribean Community(CARICOM) (JEOM) deployed 27 observers to Haiti’s 11 electoral Departments and has closely followed the start of the electoral campaign which began on 27 September. During this first phase, known as the « silent campaign », the candidates may only initiate a visual campaign using publicity billboards and posters.

Based on its observations in the field, the JEOM has drawn its first conclusions on the unfolding of the electoral campaign. Certain candidates became impatient and failed to observe the silence requirement. Even if it is understandable that candidates may find it difficult to temper their enthusiasm in the silent phase of the campaign, respecting the Electoral Law and the directives of the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) that flow therefrom is of utmost importance for the proper conduct of the electoral process.

The JEOM would also like to remind candidates and political parties about the provisions of Article 121 of the Electoral Law governing the use of State assets and resources in the electoral campaign. The Mission’s observers have received complaints about the transgression of these rules. It is essential for all parties involved to respect these prescriptions, which are designed to guarantee the fairness of the electoral race.

The Mission also attended the information session organized by the CEP for the political parties. Information sharing contributes to the transparency of the process. The JEOM therefore welcomes this effort to inform political actors about the different phases of the organization of the elections and enhance their understanding of two critical stages in the process, particularly election day proceedings and the tabulation of votes. The CEP is committed to organizing other similar meetings. Moreover, the meeting offered a space for dialogue between the members of the CEP and political party representatives. During the meeting, the latter were able to voice their concerns about the electoral campaign, the preparation of the electoral list, the sequence of events on election day and the tabulation of results.

The Mission encourages the CEP to redouble its efforts at information sharing and invites political parties to take advantage of these opportunities to improve their understanding of the process and thereby enhance their
readiness to play their role in the preparation of the elections and during election day. The combined vigilance of political actors and of national and international observers will contribute to ensuring free and credible elections.

Reference: E-375/10