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  September 26, 2008

Organization of American States (OAS) Assistant Secretary General Albert Ramdin met with Representative Kathy Castor (D-FL) this week to discuss OAS programs and further cooperation between the hemispheric body and Representative Castor’s Congressional district—the city of Tampa and its port.

During the meeting, Ramdin spoke about his successful visit to Tampa in July of this year, which included a presentation at the Tampa chapter of the World Affairs Council and discussions of outreach activities to the Caribbean.

Representative Castor welcomed the OAS initiative and supported the idea of Tampa’s engagement with the OAS through the Caribbean initiatives, fellowships for students to attend the University of South Florida, as well as joint ventures with the ports community, including a possible meeting of the Inter-American Ports Commission and policy discussions around Brazil’s commitment to build a bio-fuels terminal.

Assistant Secretary General Ramdin and Florida Representative Castor also discussed the situation in Haiti, in which the OAS has been actively involved. Castor was very supportive of the congressional initiative to provide emergency funding for disaster relief in Haiti and also of the H.R. 522, the Haitian Protection Act that would direct the Secretary of Homeland Security to grant Temporary Protected Status (TPS) to Haitian immigrants currently in the United States.

The meeting ended with agreement to welcome a delegation from Tampa to OAS headquarters in Washington, DC, and to send OAS officials to Tampa to solidify cooperative efforts.

Pictures of the event:

Reference: E-364/08