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OAS Permanent Council Repudiates Events in Ecuador and Supports the Government of President Correa

  September 30, 2010

The Permanent Council of the Organization of American States (OAS) today expressed its "repudiation of any attempt to alter the democratic institutional system" in Ecuador, and also its "firm" support for the constitutional government of President Rafael Correa.

During a special session convened at the request of the Permanent Representation of Ecuador to the OAS, the Permanent Council approved by acclamation a resolution in which it makes "a strong appeal to Ecuador’s law enforcement personnel, as well as to the political and social sectors to avoid all acts of violence and other acts that could further exacerbate a situation of political instability, threatening the established democratic order, freedom from social unrest, and public security.”

The resolution also urges the government of Ecuador to continue reporting on developments in the country and asks the Secretary General of the OAS, José Miguel Insulza, to “offer the Organization's full cooperation, at the request of the Government of Ecuador, to preserve the democratic institutional system."

Secretary General Insulza made a call to governments and multilateral institutions in the region to "stop the coup d'etat from becoming a reality" and urged them to act "in a unanimous way." "It is very important that all countries of the Americas be seen united against this," said Secretary General Insulza, and announced his immediate availability to travel to Ecuador and to any meeting of presidents or foreign ministers to address the issue.

The Permanent Representative of Ecuador, María Isabel Salvador, said she was pleased with the resolution passed and acknowledged the OAS and permanent representatives of Member States "for ratifying your commitment to democracy in the region."

At the start of the session, the Representative of Ecuador presented before the Permanent Council the specifics of the events that took place today in her country, describing them as "a clear attempt to altering the democratic order." Ambassador Salvador said her government declared a "state of emergency" and charged the Armed Forces with the task of keeping public order and watching over the safety of the Head of State.

Next, OAS Permanent Representatives took the floor and, speaking on behalf of their countries and regional groups, expressed their explicit condemnation of the events in Ecuador and their full support for the government of President Correa.

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Reference: E-360/10