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  October 30, 2009

“It is a moment of great satisfaction to Honduras and its people, to the Americas, to the OAS and to democracy in general, because a grave crisis such as the one experienced in the last few months will definitively be resolved with the power of the word and reason.

“I congratulate the Honduran citizens for having reached the goal that we all aimed for, the signing of an agreement made by and for Hondurans. President Zelaya and Mr. Micheletti, along with their delegations, gave a significant show of flexibility and patriotic sentiment.

“All of the countries of the Americas and in general the international community also have reason to celebrate, because all together they played a key and almost unprecedented role upon maintaining at all times a common position without divisions.

“Specially important was the role played by the governments of the region that sent representatives to Tegucigalpa during the crisis to help along the dialogue. Of particular note is the contribution of the United States and the Assistant Secretary for Western Hemisphere Affairs, Thomas Shannon, who, despite great personal cost, became deeply involved in the search for a solution to the problem. The role of President Óscar Arias, on whose proposal the final agreement was based, was also fundamental.

“And it is to me a special satisfaction to assess the role developed by the OAS in the crisis. From the same day on which the conflict erupted, with a Special Session of the Permanent Council, and until the announcement today of an agreement in Tegucigalpa, we put all of our energies to find a peaceful and consensual solution to the crisis. With respect to those efforts it’s necessary to highlight the outstanding work of John Biehl and Víctor Rico, who represented me on the field during negotiations.

“Our work nevertheless doesn’t end here, because it is still necessary to go farther until Honduras may return to democratic and institutional normalcy. As was the case until now, the OAS and its General Secretariat will continue at all times to support Honduras and its people so the ship may find safe harbor.

“In the first place, we must designate the composition of the mission that will observe the elections of November 29. Also, we must designate the two representatives of the international community that will be part of the Commission of Verification of the agreements. I can tell you now they will be high-level officials, and that soon we will send out a delegation that will work in a more permanent way on the ground. And lastly we must work towards the lifting of the suspension from the Organization that weighs over Honduras, and that will have to be decided in a new Special General Assembly that we hope to hold soon.”

Reference: E-357/09