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OAS Electoral Observation Mission congratulates Paraguay on Election Day

  November 16, 2015

The Electoral Observation Mission of the Organization of American States (EOM/OAS) in Paraguay congratulated the citizenry on its participation in peaceful municipal elections on Sunday.

The EOM, headed by the former Chief of Staff of the General Secretariat of the Organization, Ambassador Hugo de Zela, presented a preliminary report with observations and recommendations on the process. “The OAS is able to provide effective support in the implementation of the recommendations of the EOM to strengthen democratic institutions in Paraguay,” said Ambassador De Zela.

The Mission highlighted the recognition by all actors in the electoral process of the work done by the Supreme Tribunal for Electoral Justice. Moreover, the EOM welcomed in particular the openness and spirit of collaboration with which electoral authorities and various other institutions that made part of the process received the Mission.

The EOM deployed 24 international experts and observers, who visited 550 voting centers on election day. The observers witnessed that the centers opened on time and had all the necessary materials. In addition, the Mission highlighted as one of the strong points of this electoral process the speed with which the preliminary electoral results were compiled and announced.

The Mission highlighted in particular the effort made to move forward in the guarantee of the political rights of Paraguayans represented by the implementation of the “accessible vote” program, which facilitates voting by people with disabilities, pregnant women and senior citizens. However, opportunities to improve implementation of the program were observed. This effort has been the result of joint work by organized civil society and the system of electoral justice. Similarly, the Mission praised the application for the first time of the law that regulates political-electoral financing, although it also noted weaknesses in its design and implementation.

Reference: E-339/15