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OAS will observe the second round of presidential elections in Haiti in December

  November 6, 2015

The Electoral Observation Mission of the Organization of American States (OAS/EOM) in Haiti, headed by Brazil’s former Foreign Affairs and Defense Minister Celso Amorim, takes note of the preliminary results for the presidential elections announced yesterday by the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP), which are consistent with what the OAS Mission observed on October 25.

According to these results, none of the candidates reached the benchmark of 50% +1 of the votes, nor a lead of 25% or more as required by Haiti’s Constitution and Electoral Decree to win the presidency, and, thus a run-off election will be necessary. In view of previous agreements between the Haitian Government and the OAS General Secretariat, the OAS will deploy an Electoral Observation Mission for the run-off election scheduled for December. The OAS reiterates the importance that the final phases of the electoral process be carried out in accordance to the pre-established norms and in a peaceful and calm environment.

The OAS/EOM encourages all political parties that contested the polls to work together and engage in the construction of a stronger and more inclusive democracy for Haiti.

The Mission believes that political will and resolute action by the CEP will allow overcoming the challenges encountered during the October 25 elections. The OAS/EOM will present a report with recommendations to be considered by the electoral authorities for the next round of elections. These recommendations will concentrate mainly on the role and regulation of party representatives (mandataires), an issue that became a source of concern during polling on October 25.

The Mission encourages political parties and citizens to use the legal channels available to express any potential concerns they may have and urges the competent authorities to investigate the allegations of irregularities that have been presented and to sanction any actions prohibited by law.

The OAS/EOM calls upon all Haitians to continue to engage in the electoral process and to participate massively in the run-off election.

Reference: E-332/15