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OAS Observation Mission Celebrates Peaceful and Successful Elections in Guatemala

  October 26, 2015

The Electoral Observation Mission of the Organization of American States (EOM/OAS) deployed to the second round of the presidential election in Guatemala today commended the citizens of the country, as well as the political parties and various state institutions on a peaceful and successful election. In addition, the Mission congratulated the presidential ticket-elect of the party Frente de Convergencia Nacional and welcomed the early recognition of the results by the candidacy of the Unidad Nacional de la Esperanza.

For the Chief of Mission, Juan Pablo Corlazzoli, with this election “a new stage begins, with a more active citizenry, bringing greater demands, and demanding more and better institutions. Guatemala needs a democracy with the values of dialogue, transparency and inclusion, that provides answers to the deep demands of society.”

The EOM/OAS, which deployed seventy observers in the twenty-two departments of the country, highlighted in its preliminary report that, in a complex political context, Guatemala held to the institutional path set by the Constitution and the Law on Elections and Political Parties. At the same time, it praised the efforts made by the staff of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) in the various stages of the process, and applauded in particular the coordination in terms of electoral organization and logistics, as well as the timely and trustworthy transmission of preliminary results, which made it possible to find out the winner of the presidential vote just hours after voting ended.

Moreover, the Mission highlighted the work of the members of the voting centers, of the party auditors, and all the electoral officials that contributed in a significant way to the success of this election, and highlighted the presence of the Human Rights Ombudsman, the security forces and various state entities, that contributed to the holding of peaceful elections and the preservation of the will of the citizenry. The preliminary report also adds that the electoral system of Guatemala has weaknesses that should be addressed before the next elections.

In this new stage in the political life of Guatemala, the EOM/OAS called on the various political forces, civil society and state authorities to promote an open dialogue that leads to broad agreements in favor of democratic consolidation and development. The OAS expresses its willingness to cooperate in this area, supporting reforms that promote inclusion, equality, and transparency in electoral processes.

Reference: E-323/15