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  November 30, 2007

The Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), José Miguel Insulza, conveyed the following message to the people of Ecuador as the Constituent Assembly is being installed in the South American nation:

“On historic occasion, as Ecuador embarks on a process of debate over a new Constitution and, with the opening of the Constituent Assembly, let me express my heartiest salutations to all Ecuadorians and to the government, and it particular the members of the Constituent Assembly, into whose hands today are entrusted the aspirations of a people that for many years struggled to bring about stability based on greater social justice and democracy.

“The past few months have been especially eventful and significant for Ecuador, as the nation seeks to reconcile the quest for change desired by most of citizens with the quest for institutional avenues to press ahead with agreements and reforms geared towards political stability. I am confident that in this endeavor the Constituent Assembly will meet the expectations of the people of Ecuador.

“The people of Ecuador have demonstrated their commitment to promoting active coordination of interests, positions and views on the problems and needs of Ecuador in this Constituent Assembly, and to do so in an atmosphere of democracy. Furthermore, I am confident that democracy and the enhancement of democracy will be the compass to inspire the members of this Assembly, even as it inspires a commitment to dialogue, concord, coming together and to heal wounds of the past and move this great country forward.

“To the country’s leaders and citizens as well as to all political, social, and economic players in Ecuador I hereby convey heartfelt greetings from the Organization of American States, and urge you to stand strong in your commitment to the democratic system. Be assured we remain steadfast in our support to Ecuador, as you engage in drafting your new Constitution and afterwards, as you build democratic institutions in the months and years ahead.

“Allow me to convey as well best regards to the Government, to President Rafael Correa, to his Cabinet and, again, to all the Constituents, and best wishes as they take this important step in their nation’s history.”

Reference: E-315/07