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OAS Celebrates International Day of Democracy

  September 15, 2012

The Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), José Miguel Insulza, on the International Day of Democracy, invited the governments and peoples of the hemisphere to renew the challenge to strengthen, promote and fight for the effectiveness and development of democracy. “Our countries have learned with great pain the value of respect for freedom, tolerance and pluralism, and never in history has a democratic period been so solid and permanent, as in the past two decades," said Insulza. “It's always time to build, rebuild or improve up democracy, and those of us who believe in democracy know that its care is everyone's job every single day,” he added.

The Secretary General said that “while there is still a long way to go in terms of the protection and defense of human rights and the strengthening of the rule of law in the region, the position and action of the states has changed dramatically compared to past decades.” He recalled, in this regard, the fundamental contribution of the Inter-American Democratic Charter, an instrument that has been in force for 11 years and has become a cornerstone of the Inter-American system, in relation to the defense and collective protection of democracy in the hemisphere.

Insulza reiterated that the OAS “will always be open, committed and interested in sharing its advances in promoting democracy with other regional and intergovernmental organizations,” and called on Member States of the hemispheric organization to “share their pathways and experiences in the defense of democracy, to continue building and strengthening the democratic system.”

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Reference: E-313/12