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OAS Secretary General Calls for Ceasefire in Gaza

  July 17, 2014

The Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), José Miguel Insulza, today expressed his full support for the call of the United Nations, following the proposal of Egypt for a ceasefire and humanitarian pause in Gaza, and condemned the Israeli military attacks that have claimed more than 230 lives. The Secretary General also questioned the Hamas armed action against Israeli territory and urged both parties to cooperate with the Egyptian initiative.

The OAS leader said that "once again violence only brings death and no solutions" and lamented that "the truce has not been fully respected by the opposing sides, which hinders the possibility of saving lives and ending the fighting."

The Secretary General called on world leaders and international organizations to search for solutions "to a dramatic situation that not only has its origins in political and religious differences, but also in the living conditions of nearly 1.8 million people living in 336 sq kilometers, with no possibility of development, restricted in their access to health and education."

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Reference: E-305/14