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The OAS and Honduras Sign an Agreement to Promote Sustainable Development Projects in the Trifinio Region

  August 13, 2013

The Organization of American States (OAS) and the Government of the Republic of Honduras today signed at the headquarters of the hemispheric Organization a technical cooperation agreement that will allow for the implementation of sustainable development projects in the Honduran section of the Trifinio region, where the borders of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras meet.

During the signing ceremony, the Assistant Secretary General of the OAS, Albert Ramdin, recalled that development in the nations of the Hemisphere is linked to political and security issues. "Development is a cornerstone that brings political stability," he said, and added that "when we provide real opportunities for our citizens we are contributing to the institutional strength and security of our people.

The Assistant Secretary General recalled that 27 years ago the governments of El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras signed an agreement of technical cooperation with the OAS in order to formulate a Comprehensive Development Plan for the border region, "which shows the relevance of the Organization and of the specific actions taken throughout its history to promote technical cooperation and friendship among its member states." "This is an initiative that cannot be underestimated because it clearly shows how the OAS has worked on key issues affecting the region," he said.

For his part, the National Executive Director of the Trifinio Plan of Honduras, Julio Alejandro Castrillo Pérez, explained that the purpose of the agreement is to establish a regulatory framework for the development and implementation of projects and activities to address the problems of the populations in the area as well as the sustainable management of natural resources. "We are grateful to the OAS for its cooperation and we are convinced that this agreement will be useful in our efforts to search for inclusive development, which is what our people need," said Director Castrillo Pérez, who reiterated that the document will have a real impact on the population.

The Trifinio Region, which includes 22 municipalities in Honduras, is considered an area of particular interest to Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador as it represents an indivisible ecological environment, and has a rich biodiversity, complex topography, fragile ecosystems, high vulnerability to natural disasters and limited access to water. The Declaration of Santo Domingo for the Sustainable Development of the Americas, adopted by the Ministers and High Authorities in the area of development in November 2010, reflects the commitment of member states to "promote strategies for the conservation and sustainable use of water resources and border ecosystems and the ecosystem goods and services they provide as a contribution to sustainable development."

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Reference: E-304/13