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  November 26, 2007

The Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), José Miguel Insulza, expressed concern over the serious acts of violence occurred in Bolivia during recent days—which caused three deaths and an undetermined number of wounded—and called for dialogue to resolve the conflict.

In a statement about the events taking place in the South American nation, Insulza said that “the confrontations reveal a worrying division of Bolivian society which seriously affects the environment that should reign during the drafting of a Constitutional Charter. On the contrary, when a Constitution that will govern the fate of all its citizens for a prolonged period of time is being written, dialogue and conciliation constitute indispensable political instruments.

“A constituent process should not involve the defeat of a sector of the country by another, rather the result of the harmonization of diverse interests. There rests the central political challenge that constituencies and their political creations parties face.

“In the case of Bolivia, such harmonization is probably more complex because for the first time it demands to express the will of an ethnic and social majority ignored for centuries, and at the same time, to respect the points of view of regional and social expressions that aspire that the new Constitution adequately includes their interests.”

In this context, the OAS Secretary General warned on the need to “put an end to the violence and the confrontations, and that the parties, given the democratic legitimacy of the Bolivian government, reinstate talks to reach a constitutional decision that harmonizes the interests of all.”

José Miguel Insulza stated that “within a framework of complete respect of the sovereign decisions of the people of Bolivia and their government, the OAS continues determined to support Bolivia in its efforts to reach the needed peace and concord for its democratic development.

Reference: E-301/07