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OAS Secretary General Welcomes “Historic Announcement” of Talks between the Colombian Government and the ELN

  June 11, 2014

The Secretary General of the Organization of American States, José Miguel Insulza, today welcomed the “historic announcement” that the Government of Colombia and the National Liberation Army (ELN, for its initials in Spanish) have begun an “exploratory phase of talks,” aimed at ending the conflict and building a lasting peace in the South American Country.

“This announcement, together with the advanced progress of the conversations with the FARC, confirms that it is truly the time for peace in Colombia. We all trust that the parties involved will work hard and in good faith to ensure that these processes lead to good results.”

The OAS leader expressed his particular satisfaction with the fact that victims and societal participation are among the points already agreed on for inclusion in the agenda of the talks. “Both issues are particularly relevant for rebuilding the social fabric and are a starting point for addressing the central issues that will make it possible to end the armed conflict in the country,” he said.

Secretary General Insulza reiterated his support and that of the Organization he leads for the processes opened by the Government of President Juan Manuel Santos with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC, for its initials in Spanish) and the ELN, and expressed his hope that “steps like the one taken now help the Colombian people to enjoy the benefits of peace, and that this results in greater democracy, greater development, and greater employment.”

The OAS and all its member states have resolutely supported the peace process in Colombia. The work of a decade of the Mission to Support the Peace Process (MAPP/OAS) is evidence of this commitment, having witnessed the efforts made by Colombia stakeholders to create the conditions for a stable and enduring peace in the country. The OAS, said the Secretary General, “puts at the disposition of Colombia all the knowledge, lessons learned and experience gained that can help make these efforts to build peace a reality, calling on all national actors to continue working tirelessly toward this goal.”

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Reference: E-246/14