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  June 19, 2008

“Once again in the developed world a repressive measure against illegal immigrants is approved, which directly affects many Latin Americas,” declared today the Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), José Miguel Insulza, referring to the rule on the return of illegal immigrants approved by the European Parliament. “It is a paradox,” he added, “that while they negotiate important agreements in trade matters and they speak of strategic alliances, they adopt in a unilateral manner measures like prolonged detention, which treat illegal immigrants like criminals, without even discussing or negotiating the subject with Latin American governments.”

“The migratory flow of Latin Americans to Europe, just like the flow to North America, will continue to happen as long as the immigrants can find jobs there that are not available to them in their native countries. While on one side they insist upon the positive character of the globalization process, they refuse to accept the movement of people as one of its consequences. For political reasons, they reject a phenomenon produced by economic globalization,” said the Secretary General.

Insulza congratulated political forces and European deputies that have not adhered to this decision, in the hope that with them it would be possible to begin a constructive dialogue that avoids the violation of the human rights of millions of Latin Americans.

Reference: E-243/08