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OAS and Documentation Sciences Foundation of Spain Sign Agreement to Provide Greater Transparency to Parliaments of the Americas

  June 17, 2013

The Organization of American States (OAS) and the Documentation Sciences Foundation (FCD) of Spain signed a memorandum of understanding that seeks to promote the strengthening of the management of legislatures in the region, through actions that promote transparency, access to public information and citizen participation.

The Secretary General of the OAS, José Miguel Insulza, and the President of the FCD, José Raúl Vaquero Pulido, signed the agreement, which states that both institutions should establish a general cooperation framework to promote the development and strengthening of the legislative bodies of the region.

The central objective of the agreement is to promote the program of Open Parliaments in OAS Member States, including the opening of information on public records, increased citizen participation and accountability at national, regional and municipal levels.

The document sets out the terms and conditions to promote and accompany common efforts and initiatives aimed at institutional strengthening, the performing of diagnostics, maintenance, organization of files and documentation as well as the analysis and production of reports for the training of legislators, political leaders and public officials on issues related to the access and management of the information of legislative institutions at different levels.

Implementation of the agreement will begin shortly and will be carried out by a committee which will be composed of representatives of the FCD and Unit in Support of Representative Institutions of the Secretariat for Political Affairs of the OAS.

Among other tasks, the Committee will coordinate activities such as development of diagnostic tests of the capacities in the legislative Institutions of the region in the conservation, digitization, management and organization of files, promoting citizen participation; and the creation of documentary and bibliographic funds in those parliaments wishing to effectively manage their information. In this way, it will seek to generate knowledge that will make them more competitive and useful to society; as well as organizing training courses in document management applied to Open Parliament, in order to promote transparency, adjust document management processes to Electronic Parliament strategies enhance tasks and issues such as standardization and documentary interoperability.

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Reference: E-241/13